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 Rustic Log Cabins

Through the Late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century frontier settlers built rustic log cabins as the cleared the land south along the Appalachian. They settled in back country areas in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Then they migrated further west across the Appalachian Mountains and into Ohio and Mississippi then later into Kentucky and Tennessee. They even went as far into the southwest as eastern Texas. Log cabins grew greatly in popularity during the late nineteenth century and have remained one of the most sought after styles of log homes today.

If you’re looking to build rustic log cabins, just remember to expose some wood inside the cabin for a more rugged “rustic” look and feel. You want to keep in mind that rustic log cabins are ones that look old, feel old, smell old but not necessarily old in age.

The type of wood you want to stick to when building rustic log cabins will ultimately depend on your taste and style. Generally you would combine more natural woods such as, Oak, Cedar, Cypress or even Pine. These types of wood set the tone well for creating an organic rustic log cabin look.

Rustic Log Homes Décor
When decorating your rustic log cabins, you may want to pick a theme like wildlife. This is my personal favorite since wild animals are some of nature’s magnificent creatures. You may choose to single out one type of animal like the bear, or you may want to select multiple animals such as a combination of bear, moose, elk and wolves. However, if animals are not your thing you may want to choose other decor themes such as, lake cottage, western ranch, southwestern or a country lodge look. Any of these rustic log cabin themes will look fine and many furnishings can be found to match the rustic decors. You can even be creative and mix and match these decors placing a different theme in each room of your log cabin.

Lighting For Your Rustic Log Cabins
When choosing your lighting you want to stick with twig like lamps in your rooms. These are my favorite since they immediately bring a rustic feeling to any room. When it comes to large areas with high cathedral ceilings you want to make sure they light the area well so stick high lumen lighting fixtures such as a large antler chandelier.

Log Cabin Fireplaces
Fireplaces put the finishing touch to all rustic log cabins. A nice stone fireplace with a red cedar mantle is the key in choosing a design of any fireplace. What would a rustic log cabin be without it right?

Choosing Windows
When choosing where to place your windows keep in mind the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. So if you place a window on the east side of your log cabin home you’ll bring in nice morning sunlight. However, if you place a window on the west side of the log cabin you may experience hot summer afternoons indoors.

Log Cabin Flooring
All types of wood such as maple, hickory and oak are good choices for your rustic log homes floor but pine is generally considered the best when building rustic log cabins because of it warm look and feel.

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