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Luxury Log Homes

Mention log home and many people can still conjure up a picture of Abraham Lincoln and his simple log home. One aspect hasn't changed over time, you can still build your own log home and now you can purchase a kit to do so. Some are as basic and simple as in the days of old. Many people have chosen to live in them throughout the year rather as an exclusive summer or vacation home. As a result, the standard plans are now often modified or customized to meet the needs of your family. Luxury log homes with the best materials and technology are expected more often.

A log home offers better insulation and is very durable. Many are passed down from one generation to another. Some log homes are made of oak and some of northern white cedar logs because of their abundance and natural resistance to rot and insects. Pine, spruce and douglas fir are also popular. Because the logs are so large, a fire won't get a strong start, making this type of home very fire resistant. Many people say that they chose a log home because of the feeling of warmth and soothing they experience in one. As they looked around, they were very pleased when they saw the creative designs offered by most companies and the rustic luxury available with a new log home.

If you are a handy person, you can choose from a variety of kits sold and put up a log home in no time with the help of a few friends. If you chose a larger, more luxurious home, some companies will build it in their own factory, disassemble it and send it out to you ready to assemble on your own land. Most will recommend that you hire an experienced builder to be sure you won't have any settling problems later on with the house. If you investigate, you can find someone experienced in just putting up the shell of the home, which includes the exterior windows, doors and interior walls. You can then choose to be your own general contractor and hire out the other things to be finished. This can save you a big chunk of money. Many go this route and spend the money saved on extra options that they couldn't otherwise afford.

In the long run, log homes are practical, lower to heat and cool, have lower maintenance and more durable. They carry with then the feeling of romance and one of a kind handcrafted artistry. They are cozy and easy to customize. Adding an unfinished basement and planning an outdoor area before you complete your design will give you a more luxurious home for just a small increase in price.

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