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Log Cabins: Scotland

Log Cabins: Scotland  


Doesn’t a vacation spent in a log cabin in Scotland sound great?  Yes, it does!  Let’s examine what you might be looking for when considering renting log cabins in Scotland.   


An affordable option would be a self-catering establishment.  Self-catering means that lodging and cooking facilities are provided, however, no meals are offered.  You have to buy your own groceries and prepare your own meals, if you wish.  This would save you money.  Of course, you could just go to local pubs and restaurants for your meals and drinks.  (Don’t forget the drinks!) Or, how about a combination of both preparing meals in and eating out - your choice.  


You can have either lochside or woodland views (or both) - giving you awesome scenic beauty while looking out from your Scottish log cabin.  Lochside means lakeside, for the word, “loch” which is Scottish Gaelic for a lake or sea inlet.  Sea inlet lochs are usually called sea lochs.  The most famous Scottish loch is Loch Ness; however, there are other large lochs (or lakes) - Loch Lomond, Loch Awe and Loch Tay.  So, a log cabin in Scotland with a lochside view would be quite impressive indeed.   


Other amenities that could be offered in these rentals could be hot tubs and Jacuzzis.  Some sites even offer permit-free fishing for the fishing enthusiasts. 

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Don’t forget to bring or rent a bike.  There could be lots of fantastic bicycle trails just outside your log cabin - if you pick one in the right location.  Look to see if it is offered when renting one. 


There are sites online to check out where you will choose what amenities you want and how much you want to pay for your stay.  What a great way to stay in Scotland. 


Think about it.  Outstanding lochside views, woodland scenery, bike trails, fishing, and maybe, even hot tubs and Jacuzzis.  All of this when you rent one of your log cabins in Scotland.  


Summary: When looking for log cabins Scotland, you will discover there are many options available, such as cooking in, or full food service on grounds, lochside or woodland views, hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis, boat rentals, bike rentals, and permit free fishing. 


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