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If you have been searching for log cabin homes for sale, it’s likely you’ve become overwhelmed with the amount of information about log cabin homes for sale. On this web site we will attempt to answer some of the questions that may have arisen in the back of your mind during your search for an affordable log cabin for sale.

First, I would like to address many of the persistent misconceptions about log cabin construction which has plagued the industry of log cabin houses. Some of these concerns are “settling is a problem”, “the log cabin interior is dark”, log cabin homes use to much timber”, “log cabin houses are very difficult to heat”, “log cabin house plans develop the most energy efficient homes”, “cedar log homes are hard to heat”, “log cabin homes are made entirely of wood therefore that must be a fire hazard“. “Log Homes are inexpensive to buy or build”.

Log Cabins and Heating
Wood has an excellent R value, which is what makes such a great building material. Actually, it is probably THE best construction material. It’s very resistant to transferring cold and heat. An R value of 1.5 per inch is what you will find in a pine log, what this comes down to is wood logs are far superior to brick, which is R- 0.02 but only one half as good a fiberglass which comes in at R3.1per inch.. It goes without saying that the thicker a log wall is the better the R value. Milled log walls, six inches thick come in at about an R- 10, while custom log homes for sale with a fifteen inch diameter log walls would exceed R- 22, which is very good considering there is no additional insulation factored in the calculation.
Water vapor has virtually no effect on the R value in log cabin building because log cabin logs create a solid insulation, as apposed to fiberglass or cellulose, which is space filling insulation, and is mostly air. This requires a vapor barrier, generally made from plastic, to keep the water vapor from infiltrating it. The R value of fiberglass insulation falls off dramatically when water vapor invades it. Even humidity can have serious affect on fiberglass insulation. Because logs are solid there is no need for any type of barrier.

Log Cabin Packages and Air Penetration
In order for any log cabin homes for sale in cold climates to be energy efficient, they must be tight. Even small log cabins that realistically could have thousands and thousands of linier feet of wood on wood joints, sealing this many joints could be a dauntless task. The use of building gaskets in the groves and notches should be used to reduce the chances of air leaking in or out of any log cabins for sale while increasing energy efficiency. The best scored fitted carpentry, makes the logs in the log cabin homes for sale appear as if they grew together, but even though these joints appear to be tight, water vapor, air, and rain can still penetrate. Be aware that some log cabin builders rely on a strip of pink fiberglass batten placed inside the groves and notches and this is not efficient. The insulation has to be protected from the elements by placing it in polyethylene bags, or tubes and or use gaskets on both edges of the 2wood on wood joints, at the very least.

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