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How to Build a Log Cabin

Methods of Building Log Homes
Two separate groups of manufacturers are created based on how the logs are stacked and shaped, the two groups are, hand crafted and milled. Consider what style would be right for you, before making a decision. There are many choices in both categories when you want to learn how to build a log cabin, which one you choose depends solely on your budget and preference.

Log Homes Manufactured or Milled
Building log homes of this type of log cabin, use automated planers, sawmills, and high speed woodworking equipment in order to precut a log into the desired contour, creating uniformity in the cut logs without any taper. The appearance of the log home, when finished, can be different log home company to log home company, this is due to the diversity of the log contours and corner styles, these options are available only because of these high tech developments, when learning to build a log cabin correctly. The Milled logs can be purchased in an assortment of kits or packages. Most of the manufacturers building log homes in the United States, are milled log cabins, there are currently over 600 manufacturers of milled log cabin kits. Individuals that prefer the look of a log home from days gone by , most probably would not be interested in a manufactured uniform appearance of the milled log home, but would be more attracted in learning how to build a log cabin on there own.

Handcrafted Log Cabins
The hand crafted log home is a true art form, which captures the authenticity of the pioneer spirit, as well as the hearts of the enthusiast. Learning how to build a log cabin is centuries, with the use of hand tools such as scribes, chisels, and axes. These were the standard tools of the bygone era but the building methods have not changed for hundreds of years. Because of the nature of the craft it becomes much more labor intensive, while a single modular log home manufacturer can produce hundreds of homes a year, a handcrafted log home builder may only be able to produce a single log cabin, even though they too have some modern power tools, such as chain saws, power sanders, electric grinders and heavy equipment for moving the full length logs. Even with the advent of these contemporary power tools the process of building a hand crafted log cabin is still very demanding. Contrasting the methods used by manufactures, which uniformly shape the log in a mill, the hand crafter will in most cases us a full length log, preserving the natural shape of the tree. Each of the logs in a manufactured log home must be meticulously shaped and cut for one explicit location in the shell of the log cabin. Generally the shell is then assembled in the yard of the company, the pieces are then numbered, taken apart and shipped to the home site for reassembly.In the hand crafted log home the cutting process is divided into three categories, full scribed, full round chinked and hand hewn dove tail. The cost will vary depending on the design complexity and the level workmanship.If you’re planning to learn how to build a log cabin, you may want to investigate some of the alternatives.

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