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Log Cabin Floor Plans

Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find all types of information on Log Cabin Homes from how they're built to various manufacturers floor plans and more. Our website is designed to provide links to only high quality websites helping you find exactly what you've been looking for.

When searching for log cabin floor plans you need to take many things into consideration. Ask yourself, how the size of your log homes floor plans will impact all the other variables involved in building a log or timber home.

Every person has diverse wants and needs when they begin to design their log or timber home, and this will have a great impact on the costs. How many levels, number of bedrooms, specialty rooms, such as media or craft rooms, possibly an office, the size of the property, topography of the land, is there ledge or water problems, and lets not forget the budget, these are the issues and the determining factors when deciding on your log cabin floor plans. Develop a starting point based on your needs, keep it simple, and work your way up with in your budget.
The look and price of your home using different products will influence the cost dramatically. Hybrid timber or logs, handcrafted, milled logs, and timber frame all impact the price. I have seen a $450,000 turnkey package rise to over $800,000 for the handcrafted version of the same log homes floor plans. Changing the appearance by adding complexity will also affect the final costs. What we mean by adding complexity would be the addition of more complex designs? The best way to understand design complexity would be to scrutinize the roof pitches, the amount of roof ridgelines, the widow style, number, and size, the number of corners (anything over the basic four).

As an example, the least complicated designs would have 1 roof line with a pitch that is uniform, and the frame or outer shell would have four corners. Every time a wall is added or a dormer, or other aspects that develop a pleasing design, the log home becomes more complex. The more complexity in log cabin floor plans the higher the cost. The building process of a more complex log or timber home is much more time intensive. The turnkey construction cost is directly related to the complexity of the home.

In addition to the costs of construction, the cost of materials can be adversely affected by the level of complexity. For example, a unique window feature might require the purchase of a custom made product, rather than the lower cost standard window.

Consider finishes that will compliment the design while staying within your budget. The timber home finishes go way beyond paint and stain, and is a very important aspect in the home design. Home finish decisions range from the tub in the master bathroom to the color and material of the roof. If decide on using stone, the options are limitless: size, composition, shape, and color, cultured stone or real stone any these could compliment the log cabin floor plans you choose. A good option when trying to control costs would be to opt for cultured stone, which could run as little as one half the price of real stone, and the labor costs for installation are less as well, while looking nearly as good, some people can’t tell the difference.

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